How can Simplient save me time and money?

How can Simplient save me time and money?

Sometimes we get overwhelmed. We can't do it all, and when we try... our work usually suffers. It kills us when details slip through the cracks, or we forget a client's name. How can we expect a piece of software to help us? Well, it might not make your bed for you, but Simplient will help you out in a lot of other ways.. you know, so you have more free time... so you can make your bed.

Just imagine, you just posted several sneak-peeks on your Facebook page, and they were so adorable... your email starts blowing up. Literally, you receive 10 emails from adoring fans wanting you to take photos of their family and make them look as wonderful as you just made your clients look! That's fantastic! And now you have to reply to every one of those emails... quickly, or they'll start looking for another photographer to make them look awesome. You could spend a few minutes typing up quick responses to each one of them, asking follow-up questions... making sure they know you're the real deal... not just doing photography sessions for free... and answering questions like,  "No, I'm sorry... I won't be doing any more Mommy and Me Mini Sessions this year." Whew. That might take you an hour to 2 hours just to get through the first round of emails. Or, it might take you 5 minutes by sending responses through Simplient. Fortunately, you had an email template already created... and it's so full of information, and you're replying to your potential clients in moments... you're pretty impressive after all.

Fast forward... because you just booked several of those clients, and now you have them on your calendar, and you've already sent them a contract and invoice. There's no stressing over when to bring up the cost of their session. You don't have to worry about whether or no they read your "What to expect email", you can see that they read it. Yes, Simplient shows you that too! You have time to enjoy your family, or your friends... or spend some time for yourself. Simplient has your back.

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